Sunday, May 17, 2009

Groups- preliminary suggestions

Here's how I see the 7 groups coming together. Some of the groups seem to be set, others are still developing so what you see below are suggestions. Please add your thoughts.

Also, We would like to meet with each of you this coming week. We have suggestions and resources to share. Please send me your availability for next week, M-F (villegas@u):

--Cassie, Molly, Natalia

Border and Identity Politics (immigration/migration and psychological borders)
--Anna, Joe, Trang

East and West as represented in film, security, and ??
--Robert , John, and Catherine

Music and Media east/west divide
--Daniel, Fan, Amy

Monuments and Memorials (physical manifestations of memory, border via art and architecture)
--Lauren N, Adam, ??

Psychological & National Borders
Kelsi, Sally, Katie

Youth Culture (borders and identity as expressed in youth of today and comparison with experience during pre fall of wall and WWII periods)
--Muhammed, Michael, Lauren M.


Other option for a group
Education (east/west, pre and post wall)

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