Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soccer in Berlin

View the soccer schedule here and buy tickets at Hertha BSC

They don't have their 2009-10 schedule out yet, but last year the season started in midAugust.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Humanity in Action-Berlin

Sam says to check out the updated publications on the Humanity in Action site

Lots of great publications and relevant to your topics, such as:

Neaka, Corey, and Steffen's report
"Integration Through Recreation: The Role of Youth Soccer in Multicultural Berlin"

Also Anika, Sarah, and Alli's report
"Beyond Stereotypes: How Artists of Turkish Descent Deal with Identity in Germany."

You'll also find Sam's report as the last one among the German reports.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cafe Babel

Read the article in Cafe Babel:

Cafe Babel

"Cafe Babel is the first multilingual European current affairs magazine in 6 languages, designed for readers across borders. Cafebabel.com revolutionises European media through participatory journalism, providing a unique platform of expression for the 'eurogeneration', the first generation living Europe on a day-by-day basis thanks to the Erasmus study exchange programme, the internet and an increasing mobility."

Berlin's 25th Long Night of the Museums--Aug 29

“20 Jahre Mauerfall” (“20 Years since the Fall of the Wall”).

Berlin’s 25th Long Night of the Museums, 29th August 2009, will be characterized by a central theme: how the city’s museum landscape has changed since German reunification.

In addition to museums, there will be an open-air exhibition “Peaceful Revolution” at Alexanderplatz.