Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bavarian Quarter Plaque Memorials

16,000 Jews lived in the Bavarian Quarter of Berlin's Schöneberg district.

6000 Jews from Schöneberg were deported or killed.

"This decentralized memorial comprises 80 two-sided plaques on 80 lampposts throughout the neighborhood. The stark contrast between an innocent-looking everyday item on one side, and the official Nazi statute succeed in surprising even the casual passer-by. In the gallery below, the statute is given first, followed by an English paraphrase of its meaning. Horizontal lines are used to group the front and back of the individual signs.

The central question of the memorial is "How could it come it this?" and is designed as a web of remembrance. The goal of the memorial is to focus on the many small steps in the persecution of the Jews that affected the "everyday lives" of the inhabitants of the Bavarian Quarter.

Bavarian Quarter Plaque Memorials

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