Thursday, April 9, 2009

Assignment: Seeing Borders in Seattle Due April 16

This week be a traveler in your own city and find a border/wall and reflect upon this particular borderscape. Things to consider:

What is the metaphor/meaning of this particular border (consider Brian Ladd's chapter on the Berlin Wall)?

What happens at this border? Activities, etc.

What is the border dividing and how does its placement change the cityscape, the images/particulars on the other side of the border, and your own perceptions of the division/things being divided?

How would you get around the border?

What are your feelings about this division. Think of the physical, psychology, and social aspects of this border.

Please blog your reflections. Also feel free to use photos and/or video or music to enhance your blog post. It's up to you.

Due next Thursday, April 16

Also due Thursday: Virtual Wall link (review) and readings (see syllabus).

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