Saturday, August 22, 2009

Final Showcase Guidelines

Final Showcase Guidelines
Friday, August 29, 4:00-5:45 p.m. (Rehearsals on Thursday!)
Humboldt or Maxim Gorki, location TBA
Berlin Borders: identity formation after the wall
Honors in Berlin, Summer 2009
Showcase Goals
Highlight Program theme and focus on city as text/city as performance. How do we tell the story of the city? How do we record memory? What is our story? What is your story of the city?
Each group has approximately 10-12 minutes
The group must introduce general theme of group (2 minutes).
Each student will showcase their own project for 3 minutes, or the group may decide to integrate their projects into one showcase.
Each student (or group) should characterize a person, monument, building, or memorial they have written about in their postcard assignments. Choose one that illuminates (symbolizes) most closely the essence of your project. As you go outside of yourself through this character exercise, you will present a view of the city/your project that is at the heart of what you've learned intellectually and felt viscerally about Berlin.
The showcase should be reflexive, engaging in the process of the last 4 weeks, and showing (not telling) the audience what they discovered while in Berlin and Istanbul as related to their project. You can also add components outside of your project exploration. However, remember to be specific in order to give the audience a deeper understanding of what you learned.
Use a multimedia approach to your showcase: video, music, photos, dance, spoken and written word. Take advantage of your blog. Be creative and have fun!

Overview of Showcase
4:00 mingle with vlogs/photos on big screen (if all goes well with equipment)
4:15 introduce program and welcome guests
4:20 Group #1 (order of groups will be determined by instructors. TBA)
4:35 Group #2
4: 50 Group #3
5:05 Group #4
5:20 Group #5
5:20 Q &A, Comments
5:45 End

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